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Calling all designers!

2021.08.27. 14:33, andors
Címkék: knitting

I got an email last week ("Hello world, I am at least one week behind on email, at most just 10-12 months behind. Don't mind me. Love, Crazy Lady.") Anyway, where was I?

Oh yes. The email:

    Dear Laurie,

    I have a great opportunity for your readers and anyone else you know who designs knitting/crochet patterns. I am helping Accord Publishing gather designs for their Knitting Pattern-a-Day and Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendars.

    Please include the following information in your blog if you feel like it. It would be a great help to me!

    Bella Web Design, Inc. and Accord Publishing are looking for new and creative designers to contribute to the 2008 Knitting Pattern-a-Day and Crochet Calendar-a-Day publications. We are looking for 320 submissions by January 1, 2007. If you are interested, please go to and submit your design and at least one image. (If you can't take a picture of it, you can send the item to Accord Publishing and they will take one for you).

    Each submission will receive a free copy of the calendar you submitted a design for. You can submit as many designs as you want. This is a great way to get your designs in a publication that is read worldwide and get some recognition for your talents.

    Any questions can be emailed to or or you can call Desiree Scales at 888-716-9524 for more information.

I know that a lot of ya'll have designed all kinds of yarn-based items that are yarnalicious and yarntastic and need to be published! I believe you should take over the world, one pattern at a time.

You may ask where I will be as you conquer the world with your yarnifigance. Well, glad you asked! I shall be your yarnaudience, your fun(fur)peanut gallery. And this peanut gallery will come stocked with a full bar and lots of snacks. And probably some cat hair, if we're being yarntruthful here.


Letter from Bonnie To Sara (have been asked to publish)

2021.08.19. 23:01, andors
Címkék: letter

Sara, I’ve been exactly where you are! Thing is, as great as the conversation was with “amazing agent”…as much as you connected, she’s not obsessing over when you get this ms to her.

If you take a little longer…that’s ok. And if she says no…not this one…send me more…then that’s ok too.

I remember coming home from a con once and basking for two solid weeks in the glow from an agent saying: “You have so much potential!” I was so thrilled at all this potential that I stopped dead. LOL

Anxiety is related to good stuff just as much as bad…so, (and I’ve never met you so I’m really out on a limb here) just get your head on straight again and realize this was a good conference for you…not the *only* conference for you.

and this will not be your *only* chance to wow this agent with your writing.

It’s the *first* chance.

Be cool, write well, tell good stories.


Pricearchive service has a platform for easy and quick selection of products online

2021.08.17. 14:00, andors

Pricearchive developer have launched an online platform for product search on AliExpress. This convenient and intuitive resource, which helps to easily navigate in the myriad of products and choose the most suitable option. The platform covers about 200 million products in different categories.

For convenient use of the service offer to install browser extensions. Extensions are available for Google Chrome, Yandex Browser and Opera.

Structure of the platform

The author of the project set a goal to make online shopping as fast, convenient and profitable as possible. All goods are grouped into 390 categories and subcategories. Organized a convenient search system and checkout products. Immediately on the main page you can see all the discounts and hot offers for each product group. In the browser extension, you can also read reviews about the service from regular users of AliExpress. For each item the user can see not only photos from the seller, but also real photos from customers. This can be more than 100-400 photos of one product. There is a price history chart for the product. There are also ratings and reviews from other users on the product page.

Main advantages of the platform

The strength of the project is the quality analytics. The platform collects and evaluates real customer reviews about the products themselves, as well as sellers.
The price hirtory  is also analyzed. This allows you to assess the adequacy of the current cost of the goods and plan to buy with the maximum benefit. And the data is tracked not for a quarter or six months, as with most such services, but starting from 2016. Fluctuations in the cost of the selected goods are shown on the site in the form of a clear and understandable graph. An additional function is available in the browser extension - notification of price decrease for the selected item via email alerts. It's no secret that prices on large trading floors, such as Aliexpress, change very quickly. Thanks to the notification, you can save a lot of money when there is a spontaneous promotion from the seller or during sales.

It's very convenient that when browsing for an item, the platform shows all similar offers. For this, use "Find other sellers by image" button.  Price of other same goods can easily be compared with the price of the viewed item. In this way one can quickly find the same or a similar product for a better price.

Separately, it is worth noting that users especially praise customer support in their reviews. Mainly for the rapid response to appeals. It is noted that support managers not only respond promptly to questions about the service, but also advise on various problems with orders on AliExpress.


Here you can find additional information about the service.

Pricearchive website - Aliexpress tracking

Google Chrome Aliexpress browser extension



Medium AliExpress search by image      

Medium AliExpress price tracker           



Youtube AliExpress price tracker         

Youtube  AliExpress price history           

Youtube AliExpress search by image      

Vimeo AliExpress price tracker          

Vidlii AliExpress price tracker            



At Wordpress page

Viki page


Localized versions of the site

DE - AliExpress Preis-Tracker
ES - Rastreador de precios               

FR - Suivi des prix AliExpress     

IT - Monitoraggio dei prezzi                 

RU - Динамика цен Алиэкспресс

Masthead – Shortstop

2021.08.14. 13:51, andors
Címkék: mustheads

It was only a matter of time, people. I’ve been wanting to do a dog tag masthead forever, well before we even had a dog. I created the background pattern myself, and got the dog collar, dog tag and felt paw pads from Calico Designs, a GREAT resource for digital scrapbooking that has plenty of freebies.

FYI, that expression on Shorty’s face is pretty much his default. We make a lot of “HUHHHH?” and “WHAAAA?” comments at his expense.


Roy says, thanks ya'll. Also: Send Bacon.

2021.08.12. 10:10, andors

Today we have progress ... Roy is eating! Of course, he is 1) not eating in the kitchen and 2) not eating on a cat plate, instead preferring a nice dinner plate and 3) eating thinly sliced free-range no-salt turkey from Whole Foods, a mere $9.99/lb.

Which of course begs the question ... is Roy really sick or JUST NOT SPOILED ROTTEN ENOUGH?

Thanks for the kind words, Roy and his person are very appreciative. (Soba is wondering where her g-ddamn fan club is however and plotting ya'lls death.) Roy is still sort of falling over from time to time, but manages to work up enough strength to scratch me baldheaded twice a day during what we lovingly refer to here as OH GOD I HAVE TO GIVE YOU THESE ANTIBIOTICS PLEASE STOP HURTING ME.

I have to go now, his water dish is getting tepid. Thank you.

P.S. Yes. In my mind, crazy runs a spectrum, one end being minor (freak outs, PMS, oddities) and the other end being "wears a bra on one's head, speaks into a Pepsi can and directs traffic in her nightgown." I may have possibly seen that kind of crazy when I was about seven years old and apparently? Made a colorful impression on me.


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