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Bonchon Chicken’s Spicy Crispy Fish

2021.07.19. 11:34, andors
Címkék: food

I got really curious about his Korean fast-food restaurant that is sprouting like mushroom here in Davao. I was getting hungry and I want something new to satisfy my taste buds. Since I got tired of eating chicken I tried ordering the crispy fish rice box and a mini KoYo (Korean Yogurt) for my daughter. You can either choose soy-garlic or spicy as your flavor for your chicken and fish and because I like eating spicy foods, I chose spicy.

I forgot that I have my daughter with me and I regret ordering the spicy one. Poor baby, she has to endure her mother’s stupidity. Lucky thing the only spicy part was on the outside cover of the fish, so yeah she can eat it, but my daughter is also stubborn because she really wants to eat the crispy part. I let her taste some and I was laughing because she was begging me for water. She was so cute doing that, and I immediately feed her the yogurt and she was laughing with me. The crispy fish was delicious; I definitely want to try the soy-garlic flavor next time.

How to Save Money

2021.07.17. 08:19, andors

Each and everyone of us wants to save money. Some finally found a way on how to save money while others are still trying to find a way on how to save even little by little.

Being a parent, I need to assure that I can give my kid a very nice future and that will be possible if I start saving today. I do not have a regular job and I hope to get one the soonest possible time since it is only I and Lloyd who will pay for all our expenses. We have to be wise in spending and stay away from getting credit cards or rfid credit card. We will not avail any loans and cards unless it is very necessary.

Saving money doesn't have to start with a very big amount of money. You can start saving little by little. Buy your kids their own piggy bank and let them put coins in it everyday. Amount depends on what they can only drop to the piggy bank. When shopping, keep in mind if you really need to buy those things. There is a big difference between need and want.

Start with a small step. Never think that setting aside money for your family’s future is part of your expenses.

Mistaken As A Girl

2021.07.16. 11:23, andors
Címkék: girl mistake decision

It was during my infant days when mom used to dress me with everything she wanted, from hip hop clothing to swimsuits that’s why many people said that I was pretty, lovely and beautiful. I remember that day when Mom and I are looking for a costume that will fit me. The saleslady told us that a black tutu dress will look good on me. Oh boy! She really thought I was girl back then even if I am already wearing a polo shirt that time. Maybe I am too handsome that some thought I was pretty. Hihi!

Do I really look like a girl? I will leave the decision to you.

Where Is My Family?

2021.07.15. 10:36, andors
Címkék: family

When I am asked where's my family? I know already what to answer. When asked where is my Tita Lexene, I answer she is inside the room (even though she is outside. hihi). I just learned to answer them when we are in Bulacan. Learning lots of words there is fun and I can say that mom can understand me now that I can communicate to her.

My Tita Kaye is always at SM. She's there to enjoy the trick or treat event celebrated every 31st of October. (Okay. That's what I answer if asked where is my Tita Kaye.)

Pasko Sa Agosto: Angry Bird Backpack Giveaway!

2021.07.14. 21:22, andors

Dahil malapit na ang aking ikalawang kaarawan, inaanyayahan ko po kayong lahat na sumali/makilahok sa aking munting contest na magsisimula ngayon. :)

Pasko sa Agosto



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