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Thanks Anji for the 'heads up'

2021.07.29. 10:52, andors

And thanks for the links, I see where you’re coming from now.

I have checked out said articles and they do talk about not raising boys, in no uncertain terms.

Mind you, the more I read them the more their ideas make sense! Truly! Basically what I think they’re saying is that for at least the last five thousand years women have been subordinate in this patriarchy, they can’t see it changing unless women do something a bit different to what they’ve done thus far, thus far they’ve enabled men and boys and brought up boys who then become indoctrinated into the system, all women’s energy has been spent on serving patriarchy and not on supporting womankind, furthermore, if the choice is EITHER:

  1. stay as we are [which we can't do without being self-hating women, because women and girls are being raped and murdered and subordinated to androcracy every day and will continue to be until we do SOMETHING]; OR
  2. refuse to focus on boys and men to the detriment of women and girls any longer

then the only thing we can do to save humankind is to put women and girls first for a change.

Makes sense to me. Of course it sounds ‘mean’ or, at the very least, it smacks of behaving like the oppressor, becoming like the oppressor, even becoming the oppressor but actually it isn’t. Because on the one hand we have upwards of five thousand years of a patriarchal system where women and girls are murdered and raped and boys are trained as murderers and sent off to war to die, which looks set to continue for a full five thousand more years and, on the other hand, we have women saying STOP! either I’m bringing up no more cannon fodder or, if I do spend any of my time bringing up child(ren) it will be only those who are least likely to murder, rape or warmonger, namely not boys. Most women never have this choice under patriarchy of whether or not or who they will bring up.

One good point which stood out was that the blogger was being villified for speaking her THOUGHTS on a what-if scenario (see below)*** whilst all along the ACTUAL infanticide, rape and murder of women and girls (which the blogger flagged up) continues daily worldwide, yet went un-commented on by her attackers, who overlooked the issue entirely to criticise the blogger’s words in preference to patriarchy’s deeds. Makes u think.

Thanks again Anji


*** “I will rank the following three scenarios, options, if you will, in order of my preference:

Male infanticide.
Female infanticide.
Females continue living as males’ slaves.
Of course, these are not the only three options available, though they do seem to me to be the options most likely to occur with any lasting *effect* (with full recognition that numbers 2 and 3 concur).

But, yes, I believe male infanticde to be the best of those three options. That is to say, I believe male infanticide to be a *better* option than the current circumstances. That doesn’t speak to what I might feel the *best* option would be. I only mean to put into perspective my stance on male infanticide, given its invocation in the comments of another post. I think it’s better than what we’ve got.

Note that I also feel that female infanticide is a better option than being born into patriarchy as it stands, as well.

I just happen to think it’d be better if the males were the ones dying, rather than that the females be the ones dying *and* suffering.”


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