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Spicy, spicy

2021.07.28. 21:08, andors

Okay, I’m excited, because on Tuesday the second book in my Seattle Steam series Tempting Adam came out!

I wanted to share with my NAS‘ers and give you a taste at a spicier (okay, still on the somewhat tame side) excerpt that hasn’t really made rounds.

The man she wants is the one she must deceive.

Seattle Steam Book 2

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.
Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class. Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet.

Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch—and finds Christy on the arm of his brother.

Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?

Spicier Excerpt:

“Take off your heels,” he commanded softly.

She blinked. “My heels?”


Christy gave him a quick glance, before leaning forward to unfasten the black stilettos. When his hand moved in a light caress down her back, her breath locked in her throat. She kicked off the shoes and raised an eyebrow at him questioningly.

Without responding, he reached down and lifted one of her legs, urging her to sit sideways on the couch so that both of her feet could rest on his lap.

Oh, no, she groaned inwardly. Of course. The perfect man, huh? Here it was, the one big flaw. He had a foot fetish. If he even tried to suck her toes—

“I’m assuming your feet are sore from dancing in those heels all night.” He began using his thumbs to massage over the arch of her foot.

“Oh…” The sensation was orgasmic. “You assumed right.”

Not a foot-fetish man, just a foot-massaging god! Christy closed her eyes and moaned gratefully as he continued to massage both of her feet.

His fingers slid between her toes and delicious shivers rippled up her spine. He must have realized her reaction, because he looked up from her feet and gave her a slow smile.

“Am I doing this okay?”

“More than okay,” she confessed and leaned back against the arm of the futon.

As she sat there, pampered and increasingly aroused, she had a sudden thought. She was in a skirt and her legs were in his lap. What exactly could Adam see? Maybe not enough.

Feeling deliciously wicked, she let her knees fall open and waited for his response.

* * *

Adam swallowed hard, unable to turn his gaze away from the incredible view she’d just given him. Under the black dress, creamy white thighs now lay open with a lacy strip of red between them. Did she realize what she’d just done by changing position?

He jerked his glance up into her face. Oh, yes. Christy knew exactly what she was doing. Well then, game on.

He worked his massage up towards her calf muscles, letting his fingers trail over the sensitive skin behind her knee. She laughed softly and jerked away. There was one ticklish spot revealed.

Hmm. Time to adjust his position. Adam lifted her legs off his lap and came to sit closer to her, folding her knees so her legs were an inverted “V” on the couch. Her dress shifted higher and was nearly at the top of her thighs. He could now see that the red scrap of lace was a tiny thong that left little to the imagination. Blood rushed to his cock and he groaned inwardly.

Adam waited to see if she’d fix the dress, pull it back down, but she made no move towards modesty. Encouraged, he placed his hands just above her knees, pushing them apart. Then he trailed his fingers lightly up and down the tops of her thighs. Her body trembled under the caress.

Needing no further invitation, he angled himself so that he was almost lying between her legs, and then leaned down to kiss her. Her eyes, which had been glazed with arousal, drifted shut as his mouth closed over hers.


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